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Clairvoyant Comicbook Chronicle

Tomorrow's Comic Snark News... TODAY

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Mission Statement: (A.K.A. "Why We're Bothering.")

While major news portals like Newsarama, CBR, ICV2 and company bring you today's current events in the world of the four-colored printing world - we offer something different. Through the use of stolen technology from the likes of Victor von Doom (PhD incomplete), Rip Hunter and Co - we bring you tomorrow's comic book related headlines TODAY!

If you wish to submit articles for our readership, please feel free to contact the editor, wolf_vegas via his AOL email (see profile). While anyone can read or comment on the articles within, only accepted member-journalists may post. Article guidelines and posting rules follow below; and by below, we mean skipping past the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: (A.K.A. "Please, Don't Sue Us!")

This site is a parody news site through which volunteer fans provide "articles" as a means of editorial commentary on the state of modern comics and the future of the industry.

The articles featured in The Clairvoyant Comicbook Chronicle are indicative only of the opinions voiced by the journalist of the article in question and should not be construed as being the opinion of CCC as a whole, particularly as we probably haven't made our minds up yet because the stories are from the future. Please note, The CCC is not responsible for the content found on sites linked to within the article, and any 404 Errors may be due to the site not existing yet.

In no way do we actually have a time machine, nor can we be held liable for lost money if you bet on the "future" we predict. The time-stream is in constant flux and therefore a bitch to predict - especially with that Captain Mar-Vell character punching the edge of the Negative Zone and Superboy-Prime messing with HyperTime. At least, that's if we got that the right way around.

Posting Rules: (A.K.A. "How You Should Write up Your Article.")

Journalists are encouraged to use present day news, reviews, interviews and the state of comic-book fandom as a whole to make predictions for the future with comic effect. Our articles are written in ways that reflect typical Newsarama, ComicBookResources, Wizard Magazine: A Guide to Comics, PopCultureShock articles as if those events you predict happened. Good articles are intelligently written, insightful funny and informative. The best articles have sarcasm and snark.

While the mission of this community news portal is to present a fun look at the industry today through tomorrow's anticipated headlines - all in the name of fun and satire - this is not a venue for flaming, defamation, or similar vitriol.

While the editorial stewardship of this community is committed to the freedom of speech provided by the Internet, we respectfully reserve the right to screen, edit or delete any article that is offensive: including but not limited to attacks on race, creed, sexuality, gender, age and so forth. We ask that all member-journalists respect the responsibility that comes with acting (even in jest) as a member of the press.

We'd like you to write about:

  • Upcoming story-lines in comics from any existing or "anticipated, hypothetical future" publisher.
  • Pending or "anticipated, hypothetical future" works by existing editors, writers (plot and/or script), artists (pencilers, painters, inkers, colorists etc.) and other parties involved in the creative process of comic books.
  • Pending or "anticipated, hypothetical future" licenses and merchandise of characters from the comic book and graphic novel world (i.e. movies, tv series, toys, collectables etc.).
  • Hypothetical mass-media hype, general public and fan based reaction.

We would ask that journalists submit no more than one article per day without prior editorial consent. Articles longer than 3000 words, that contain "art" (e.g. scans, graphics and photos) or that are written for more mature audiences, should be hidden behind a labeled LJ-cut. This is to help protect dial-up users and those who want to avoid NSFW articles for whatever reason, as well as to prevent clogging up a person's F-List.

About Our Journalists: (A.K.A. "Who to Blame for this Blog.")

The Good Doctor Wolf.
The Goddamn Editor!
Dr. Wolf S. Vegas Esq., PhD is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the c_c_chronicle. A longtime Avengers fan he has since absorbed many of their traits, including the sheer cool of Steve Rogers, the self-restraint of Dr. Henry Pym and the sobriety of Anthony Edward Stark.

His claims to fame include having interviewed Terry Pratchett, written sanctioned fanfics and had a burger and fries with a hot Wonder Girl cosplayer. When pressed for why he feels fans now compare which publishing house is actually worst rather than best - he says, "Blame EmoBoy-Prime™. It's all his fault!"

The Enigmatic Toasty.
The Enigmatic Toasty.
Toasty Blaire is relatively unknown. Toasty Blaire knows the details to juicy stories before they even happen. According to toasty_blaire's LJ profile - if you have a story, Toasty's "...already written about it! This has lead to people calling The Question the "poor man's Toasty."

When he is not at his typewriter, Toasty Blaire is in disguise, infiltrating the Society, the League of Assassins, and women's book clubs. Toasty is a man of simple tastes--steak and eggs for breakfast, a corned beef sub for lunch, and lamb with saffron glazed fennel for supper. For the accompanying dinner beverage Toasty prefers a dry, light wine made with 13% of his enemies' tears."